OA Fine Art is an art gallery with an innovative and resolutely contemporary approach.

An important dimension of OA Fine art’s activity is the organization of events, tailor-made exhibitions, participation in international art fairs. The objective of this in situ approach is to present the artworks directly to amateurs, collectors and companies and to provide them with the educational, cohesive and liberating virtues of contemporary artistic practices.

OA  Fine Art represents recognized and emerging artists. 

Our Philosophy

Focusing on the contemporary segment of the art market, the gallery presents the works of emerging and recognized artists. These artworks, ambitious and accessible, resonate particularly with the current zeitgeist.

Our Ambition

To discover new talents, participate in influential international events, and share our art dealer approach with our collectors.



Anna Nevicka

With a particular interest in the international contemporary art market, Anna has a multicultural interdisciplinary background in gallery management, administration and human resources. Who is her favorite artist? Mel BOCHNER

Olivier Maréchal

Coming from a communication background and a family of artists, Olivier very early on was keen about modern and contemporary artists. Learning from great art dealers, he has always focused on customer satisfaction driven collector experience. Who is his favorite artist? David HOCKNEY