Christel Delrieu-Petraud

Through our ambition to discover and present you talented artists, OA Fine Art is delighted to show in our gallery in Paris, the paintings of the artist, Christel Delrieu-Petraud.

Christel Delrieu Pétraud is an award-winning French artist whose works are well represented in France as well as in Spain, Italy, Belgium and the United States. Her artistic explorations immerse themselves in the questioning of time, the space, the matter, the infinitely small and the infinitely large.



Christel Delrieu Petraud is interested in the art of portraiture, faces, bodies, without turning away from reality thanks to the expressive force of color. She goes beyond simple physical representation, she seeks emotion in the individual through her different techniques. Each canvas is the result of research, a chromatic balance, a relationship with the light, with the gaze, and thus linking abstraction to the figurative
Christel Delrieu Petraud‘s paintings exude an intense and immersive emotional power that is meant to surprise and stir emotions.

« Incorporate, on the limited surface of the picture, the unlimited horizons of the immaterial, in order to immerge the audience into a state of spiritual consciousness that is closer to meditative contemplation than to the simple psychological vision, tainted by the sentimental cogitation of the history of painting. »
What if Christel Delrieu Pétraud was the new Klein, as she makes us penetrate the invisible, the material, the time and the infinity. She allows us to see, through her deconstructions of the infinitely small or infinitely big, things that the human eye cannot usually see.
She thus gives us access to unsuspected parallel universes, by making them palpable. She collaborates with iconic nowadays scientists and has developed a scientific and esthetic matrix language. Her work, as educational as pictorial, teaches us humility and informs us on our relationship to our environment.

Source Christel Delrieu Petraud