Through our ambition to discover and present you talented artists, OA Fine Art is delighted to show in our gallery in Paris, the latest works of the artist, Lucas Lamenha.


Club 4

2022 - Acrylic and mixed media on canvas - 80 x 60 cm (31.5 x 23.6 in)


2022 - Acrylic and mixed media on canvas - 80 x 60 cm (31.5 x 23.6 in)

Baker Kanté

2022 - Acrylic and mixed media on canvas - 122 x 91 cm (48 x 35.8 in)

Black Rocket City

2022 - Acrylic and mixed media on canvas - 80 x 60 cm (31.5 x 23.6 in)


Lucas Lamenha lives and works in Brasil.

Lamenha‘s work appears as an immense melting pot where everything is mixed without discrimination; a prism that distorts as much as it reveals his perception of the world, his experience and his imagination. The things that marked his life as a child and teenager, the colors, the costumes of the carnival parades, the humor.

Graduated in advertising at CEFET-AL, Lucas Lamenha has been working with creativity for over 15 years, having received significant national and international awards throughout his career, such as 5 trophies in the Gramado World Award (2003 and 2005) and 2 Short Lists in the London International Festival (2003), one of the most disputed festivals in the world. It was precisely his experience with the creative area during his time as Creative Director in advertising agencies that led Lucas Lamenha to explore and discover himself in the art world.

With the aid of graphical elements and characters that not only reflect the chaos inherent to modern world’s surplus of information but also represent the identity of his work, Lucas Lamenha cultivates repetition and provokes the public by bringing storytelling as the key element to his thematic, transforming studies, research and memories into stories told with spray, acrylic and marker about a ludic, original and colourful universe invented by the artist.

The uniqueness of his strokes and his outstanding style imprint generalities, such as numbers, music, dilemmas, idiosyncrasies, love and peace, that translate some of Lucas’s essence, past and present into paper, canvas and objects.