Alessandro Paglia

Through our ambition to discover and present you talented artists, OA Fine Art is delighted to show in our gallery in Paris, the latest works of the artist.

Born in 1980, Alessandro Paglia is an Italian “hyperrealist pop” artist who lives and works in Milan, the capital of Design. The artist was impregnated by art and by the world of pop culture from a very young age.

Today his artworks with an exceptional technique are represented in the United States, Canada, and England.


Biography of the artist

For several years, through his art, Alessandro Paglia reinterprets pop culture references with an enchantment and poetry. His creations challenge our society saturated with the media presence. Themes such as childhood, sport, Pop Art as well as the different means of expression are some of the elements that shape his creation.

A contemporary Italian artist, Alessandro Paglia has background in product design with more than ten years of experience in this field.

Alessandro says: “Objects attract me, especially their aesthetics, textures, materials and volumes. I feel inspired by the stories they tell, their personalities, the ingenuity of their creators, their hidden world. At some point, I just felt that I had to combine these two passions.” The result of this fusion are his exceptional works of art with bewitching and poetic realism.

The use of pen as opposed to pencil, allows Alessandro to achieve richer, more vivid tones and vibrant textures in his compositions. He uses black ink to amplify the interaction between natural light and the chosen subject matter. The rough surface of the paper further accentuates this effect.

An ode to a former era or a taste for nostalgia, his works crystallize an indescribable force. Such a force is generated by a gesture of great mastery, in order to extract the essence of creative spontaneity and of a defused society. Through a myriad of effects, he distills the representation of pictorial freedom.

Alessandro Paglia, is an internationally recognized artist, with multiple exhibitions, in the United States and in Canada.




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