Stathis Alexopoulos

OA Fine art, has the ambition to present talents to you, and is pleased to present in our gallery, in Paris, the latest creations by Stathis Alexopoulos.

Born in 1976, Stathis Alexopoulos is a contemporary sculptor born in 1976 in Athens, Greece, where he currently lives and works. 

With an artistic style that flirts with design, his contemporary and brightly colored pieces are complemented by a variety of finishes. Alexopoulos combines strips and scratches in an attempt to capture their redefined shapes.



Stathis Alexopoulos studied sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in Tinos, as well as at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he graduated with distinction. He has participated in many collective exhibitions and has won numerous prizes in Greek and international sculpture symposiums.

His sculpting technique attempts to link the past with the present by merging the concepts of time and art, it is characterized by knots, which are formed by mixing together strips, entwined and embraced eternally.

His artworks combine contemporary aesthetics with the enduring values of classical sculpture, form has the power to define the meaning and mission of the work. 

Stathis Alexopoulos strives to redefine form and hold it captive over time.

His pieces can be found in major art galleries, museums, and private collections. In many major cities in Greece as well as abroad are richly adorned with his sculptures.