OA Fine Art, through its ambition to present you the contemporary talents of the international contemporary art scene, is proud to present in its Parisian gallery the latest paintings of internationally renowned French artist Seaty.

Seaty was born in 1983 in the south of France. Coming from the Toulon graffiti scene of the early 2000s, he began his first tags in the street and appropriated the walls from an early age, where he made his first “wild creations”.



Seaty is a French artist whose personal quest for identity and his thirst for freedom in the late 90s led him to discover the Hip Hop movement. This cultural, musical and artistic movement leads him to tag and graffiti, which will quickly become his main focus in art.

He begins his first tags in the street and appropriates the walls from an early age, where he realises his first “wild creations”. From 2008, with his experience in outdoor graffiti, he choses to give a new direction to his art. Entirely self-taught, his work evolves with more precision, while retaining the codes of urban culture.

In 2012, he decided to live from his passion and devoted himself entirely to his art. Over time, multiplying the exhibitions, he was able to develop his own signature style, his painting reveals an assertive manner. Inspired by his emotions and his experience, Seaty wants to share with the general public his vision of urban art, a very rich art, in which the artist always draws from his own inspiration. His paintings reveal an art filled with emotions.

In the extent of his creativity, there is a constant work process. Black and white portraits of disconcerting realism, enhanced with a burst of bright colours, a nod to the urban connotation dear to the artist. To conceptualise his portraits, Seaty directs his iconographic research on faces with strong gazes, from different ethnic groups, tribes and cultures.