OA Fine Art is proud to present in the Parisian gallery, a selection of the iconic photographic artwork “Diamond Dust” collection by Canadian artist David Drebin.

David Drebin is a multidisciplinary artist and photographer, graduate of the Parsons School of Design. David has lived and worked in New York since 1994.


Swept Away

2022 - C-Print with Diamond Dust

Risky Landing

2022 - C-Print with Diamond Dust

Hanging On

2022 - C-Print with Diamond Dust

Balloons Over Paris

2022 - C-Print with Diamond Dust

Dreams of Central Park

2022 - C-Print with Diamond Dust


Biography of the artist

David Drebin is celebrated for creating spectacular shots of dazzling subjects. His photographs tell a tale; starring elusive femme fatales in dreamlike cityscapes, these “dreamscapes” evoke emotions, psychological perspectives and insightful reflections into the viewers’ own fantasies, imagination and experience.

Often described as epic, spectacular, dramatic, cinematic and dreamy, his work is imaginative, smart, sexy, elegant, unexpected and sometimes even funny. His compositions provide something for everyone, by appealing to new patrons of the arts and to the most sophisticated of collectors.

David Drebin’s work has been showcased internationally in numerous prestigious art fairs and is featured in the finest galleries worldwide. His unique vision and distinctive depth, often paired with passion or tension-filled images provide an infinite surface for the imagination, making his work highly desirable as art to adorn and complete the most beautiful spaces.

Over the years, his cinematic signature style has evolved into other art forms including lightboxes, neon installations, etching on crystal starfire glass and, most recently, the revolutionary “photo sculpture” where he transforms his iconic muses and femme fatales into breathtaking high-definition 3D art masterpieces.

Diamond Dust Collection

Diamond Dust is a glittering material that is applied to paper and ink in the printing process, establishing a textured, elaborate and radiant finish. Diamond Dust captures light alluringly and draws attention to the colors of the work, as well as enhancing the value and beauty of the prints. The new DD “Diamond Dust” collection is here in a limited edition available through select galleries worldwide.



FASHION in Conversation with David Drebin

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